How did your adventure with game development start?

LC: My journey started about eight or nine years ago. I found a YouTube video by Shaun Spaulding, and I immediately fell in love with everything behind video games.

What was the inspiration for ZERO Sievert?

LC: I’ve always loved post-apocalyptic games. I spent so many hours on Stalker, Metro, and Escape From Tarkov that I decided to start a hobby project inspired by these games.

Why did you choose to work with GameMaker?

LC: The big thing at the start was how easy it was to create games, even without any programming knowledge.

It’s very immediate and beginner-friendly. I’m really comfortable with it now and I know it well enough to create everything ZERO Sievert needs.

Have you used any other game engines before?

LC: I‘ve never actually used any other engine fully.

I tried a few, but it takes time to learn them, and since Game Maker is great for 2D games, it was easier to stick with.

Is there anything that frustrates you about GameMaker?

LC: I wouldn’t say there have been any frustrations. I’ve been really happy with the process of learning to make games with GameMaker and haven’t found any problems yet.

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